Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I Love Water Symbol

                                                                    I Love Water
                                        In honor of the Water We Love,

We will continue to Stand with All Water Protectors.

We are deeply passionate about preserving and protecting our fresh water and encouraging lifestyles more in Harmony with Nature.

Living in Minnesota I am keenly aware of Water, with the genuine Land of 10,000 lakes, the headwaters of the Mississippi River starting in Lake Itasca flowing 2,350 miles, Lake Superior as the largest fresh water lake in the world and the1,090,000-acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota is a vital source of fresh water on the planet!

We need to stop all the current threats from toxic mining proposals and a dependence on fossil fuels demanding dangerous pipelines anywhere near these precious water resources. We are not only saving our lives by protecting water, we are wholly responsible to preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Here are two great places you can find current actions and get involved.

Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness

Friends of the Headwaters

You can change your profile photo 
to the I Love Water Symbol to amplify your voice in protecting the water we love. Please share!

Please include and share this link with your profile photo and related posts.  A variety of high resolution images are included below for your use.

The best way to protect our precious water is to love it. What we love we naturally want to protect

As Protectors of the Earth we do more than just defend the Earth, we thank the earth, we thank the water, we LOVE the water.

“Mni Wiconi” (Water is Life in Lakota) are powerful words, I suspect a great deal of its heart centered meaning is lost when translated into English.

It is true Water is Life but too many people do not regard life as Sacred.

The best way to protect our precious water is to love it. What we love we naturally want to protect.

Water is Life is beautiful but it is more of a statement than a call to action. It takes some conscious contemplation to connect action to “Water is Life” but action is automatically built in when we stand without compromise in “I Love Water”.

 “I Love Water” is a personal choice and declaration. The “I” in I Love Water anchors our most sacred identity in the fact that Water and I are One, no life or love can be separate from itself.

A note about the I Love Water symbol

The simplicity of the black and white design in part symbolizes the idea of contrasting opinions.  Anyone can easily draw or use the “I Love Water” symbol like a peace sign and as a template for creative design “remixes”

Just like the peace sign is a symbol that represents the concept of Peace without words, this water drop in a heart is a symbol for the rich wordless feeling of “I Love Water”.

The water drop can have additional multiple meanings, a tear drop, a drop of oil polluting the purity of our heart or even a drop of blood for all the suffering of our people and the Earth itself. 

You can listen to 60 minutes of living water as a meditation and prayer. Click here to listen

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                             I stand with all Water Protectors

You can download high resolution images below.

Be Grateful with our Breath

An invitation to prayer and practice.

by breathing.

Four Ways to Build a Practice of Gratitude

1. When  you drink a sip of water, give thanks by breathing.
2. When you breathe, give thanks for life by breathing.
3. Feel your heart beat and know you are alive.  Give thanks by breathing.
4. Breathe a breath of gratitude for everything in your life.

We cannot think gratitude, we feel gratitude.
Gratefulness is in our heart and breath.
Let us be aware that every breath is a prayer of gratitude for life.

Vi Ameamo!